Don’t wait till it’s too late….have a ‘pre mortem’

I came across this idea a while ago, and think it would be great to adapt it for inclusion at a briefing meeting. The ‘pre mortem’ involves all stakeholders, managers and researchers spending time thinking about and answering the question ‘what could go wrong?’ – this can be based on previous experience, intuition, knowledge of the business etc.

It’s not about squashing positivity, but more about creating a space for a healthy dose of realism, and addressing concerns that people may not otherwise voice. A good agency should be able to adapt their approach, either in content or style, based on what they’ve heard.

As someone who always gets swept up in the excitement of a freshly commissioned job, this technique jumped out to me as a simple way to push the pause button and consider potential issues, at a time when I usually have very little ‘headspace’ for negative thoughts!