2020….March to August…..6 months of unexpected and unprecedented change

The summer has been what any of us were expecting – personally or professionally. Business-wise, like many others I’ve spoken to, commissioned projects or soon to be commissioned projects disappeared, and whilst I feel very fortunate that work came into to fill some of the gaps, projects weren’t to the same scale or nature of the initial work.

Still, the freedom of more flexible time has been a luxury for me, someone who is typically head down in project work. Books, ideas, platforms, blogs, podcasts…things that, despite the best will in the world, typically make it no further than a post it note, became read, explored and reflected on.

And I decide to stay in touch with some consumers too – after I heard from so many clients that you were drowning in COVID related insight, I made the freeing decision to purely do it for my benefit and curiosity, without a real agenda, apart from trying to give me some food for thought about all the wonderful quirks of human behaviour – and it certainly did that.

I’ll be posting some snippets of insights on here soon…